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What is MyAdbox?

We have evolved to become one of the most powerful end-to-end automated Brand Management platforms in the world, used by some of the biggest names in business.

With MyAdbox, you control your brand, harness your assets, create, edit and plan your total campaign rollout. You save time and money, getting to market faster with more messages.

Today, one suite of Brand Management Software empowers like no other.

"Let's Build a platform that takes the gruntwork out of ad production and save clients money."

Way back when... before we officially became an Us, there was a fresh-faced Andy Baker kicking a few ideas around with a couple of ad agency creatives. Pretty soon, we landed on a cracking thought... to build a dynamic ad creation platform that eliminated the need for ad agency production. 

“Now THAT'S a cool idea!”

But we didn’t want it to be just any platform. We’d seen other software out there that was uninspiring and limited. Ours had to be smart, flexible, scalable.

Most importantly, ours had to be able to make good-looking ads.

Our platform needed to be able to automatically cover off the important ‘designery’ things like leading, kerning, type size in relation to spaces, logo protection etc etc. It had to be able to resize assets in a way that made sense visually no matter how big or small the layout. Our platform had to think like a designer. It had to protect brand integrity.

So we rolled lots of butcher’s paper out across a few desks and scribbled the whole system down. Amazingly, it all made sense. It was like this clever toolbox that put the power into the hands of a client who could create on brand content in minutes for next to nothing. The name ‘Adbox’ seemed to suit this clever toolbox concept, but we also wanted to communicate that our platform could be tailored with bespoke software that would suit a client’s needs if required. So we tacked ‘My’ to the front (which also spoke to the personalised content able to be created within the platform) and bingo.

We then engaged with a software company to help us build our dream and that’s when we met Paul Volpato. In our first meeting, he got out his Agile card system and it was obvious that he was smart, because he always seemed one step ahead in these meetings and the cards he put up brought logic and rigour to MyAdbox. We liked him.

Paul went off and outlined a development roadmap. We liked that so much that Andy called him and said ‘Hey Paul, how would you like to come and be with us full time?’ Paul said we had him at ‘Hey.’ So he got to work writing the code from the ground up and pretty soon, we’d signed our first client –Volkswagen (it’s a testimony to the dream and the MyAdbox SaaS model that all these years later, they’re still one of our best clients).

The platform evolved. Powerful Digital Asset Management and Ad Building software was joined by other smart pieces of marketing software – like a marketing planning tool, co-op advertising fund management software and a brand compliance tool. While this was happening, we fine-tuned the system analytics within the platform to give clients amazing insights into who in their marketing network was creating what, where and when.

By now Paul had a team of talented developers working with him and Andy had built up a versatile Account Service and support team together with a studio crew to code system ready InDesign templates. We started to get noticed out there. Particularly in Automotive. We picked up Toyota, Holden, Volvo, Mazda, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Audi and Skoda. We also picked up Volkswagen in Canada, and Toyota in Canada – showing that the original idea and Paul’s brilliant software had caché in foreign markets too. And through a joint venture with Grabarz and Partner in Germany, we’ve since signed Dräger.

Along the way, we were branching out into other industries like Education (University of New South Wales), Travel and Leisure (RACV, Quest), Agriculture (Elders) and Government (City of Melbourne, City of Darebin) which illustrates the power and versatility of the system across different sectors.

Today, our mission is pretty much exactly as it was from the outset:
To get the world’s best Brand Management/Automation platform in the hands of clients who want to control their brand, save time, save money and spend more time doing great marketing than dealing with the gruntwork of ad production.

If you would like to know more about Brand Management Software, contact Andrew Baker abaker@myadbox today.

Our leaders.

Andy and Paul have driven the culture of innovative thinking at MyAdbox which has resulted in a vibrant, buzzing workplace.



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